Pilots of our Air Force are already in France to be trained in the French fourth generation + fighters which have been procured by Greece.

These according to information of Μega that we read in onalert.gr reports that Greek Air Force pilots are expected to start training in French fighters.

These are the provisions of the agreement aimed at the coming months and specifically next summer to start delivering to Greece.

As we have informed you in our previous posts the state-of-the-art fighters that are expected to perpetuate Greek domination in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Will start coming to Greece next July with at a rate of one per month,six new fighters will be delivered in the spring of 2022, while the last six in early 2023.

In addition to the existing in the Greek arsenal mica, scalp-eg and exocet that is, naval strike missiles, sub-strategic strike missiles, and air-to-air missiles which will be upgraded, are coming as we have mentioned again and the powerful beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles meteor.

Source: Mega/onalert